Programs Overview


G.O.S.H. Inc. has two programs available to student athletes ages 18 and under.

AAU Basketball

We work closely with boys ages 18 and under for AAU basketball which is a more competitive level of playing and which also allows them to prepare for playing basketball at the collegiate level. The AAU team is a traveling team who participates in tournaments along the Northeast Coast, i.e., Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Boston, Long Island, and Orlando, Florida.

Our AAU teams have qualified for AAU Nationals three consecutive years. After our first year of playing AAU basketball, we had one player who went on to attend college. After our second year of playing, we had two players attend college and both play collegiate ball. After the third year, we had six players attend college, and four were selected to play collegiate ball.  The list continues to increase year over year.

Winter Basketball

Our Winter basketball league provides 17 and under boys of various cultures the opportunity to practice, play and compete against peers of their same age. This program allows them to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to showcase their leadership skills by how they conduct themselves on and off the court. In addition, we require every child to maintain no lower than a “C” average in school. We encourage good study habits, seeking out tutoring whenever needed and positive behaviors.

We strive to have all of our players graduate from High School and go on to attend college.